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Residential Maintenance

Yard Care Programs:  Grass & Turf Fertilizer, Citrus Tree Programs, Tree/Palm Root Stimulating Services, Flower & Rose Fertilizer

Yard Maintenance: Weekly, Biweekly & Monthly; Mow & Edge, Cut & Spray weeds, Keep Tree canopies at 6 Ft, Trim Bushes, Blow & Rake and Irrigation checks  

Sprinkler & Drip System: Timers, Sprinklers, Drips, Valves, Pressure issues, Leak repair and New System Installations

Clean-ups: One time clean-ups available.

Fertilizing: Trees, Citrus, Palms, Shrubs & Grass

Weed Control: Post & Pre-Emergent 
Rock, Plants, etc.

Landscaping Stump Grinding

Once a tree of yours is cut, it is best to deal with the stump immediately. The sooner a stump is ground down, the quicker it can start to fade away and become part of your everyday landscaping. After a while, the goal of a ground down stump is that it will rot out, fall into itself, and create an area that can be filled in with dirt or whatever landscaping you’d like. With our top quality equipment, our team can quickly come out and get your stump as low to the ground as possible, so call us now and learn more about our process before hiring us for your next stump grinding service in Maricopa, AZ, and all neighboring cities.

We Also Specialize In:

Yard Care Programs
Yard Maintenance
Sprinkler & Drip System
Irrigation / Lighting

Weed Control
Rock, Plants, etc.